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Saturday, 18 June 2011


Morning Me & Amir went out fishing near JPMC, casting using various lures.
Unsucessful here, even using ShadRap Hot Tiger SR7. 

Later, Me, Amir, HjRasidi with his brother-in-law went to Sungai Bunga. 

 Thats Mangrove Paradise Resort.

 Sungai Bunga Resettlement village.

 I Caught a lot of fish by jigging (menganjun). Here are ikan Geronggong.

 Amir caught some too.

 There is No Fish on the floor.. Mir..!

Check if there is some fish is calling....

 Lane Snapper & Grouper caught by Rasidi.
 Kirang-kirang & Pusu I caught by jigging.

Total we caught by jigging was 1.25kg. 

 Rasidi caught 2 of this ikan Kitang.

 Finally, Amir caught his first casting license, a mini GT 200g by using Surecatch-Pince Minnow lure.

 His second one, a 1kg Barramundi using same lure...but his line cut by the fish gill slit. Anyway manage to get the fish. Total weight he caught was 1.2kg.

This man is the winner of caught the most big fish and the heaviest. Gross weight of 1.4kg he caught that day.

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