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Friday, 25 April 2014

Welcome back, me... Almost 2 years.

Ice is back with  a brand new motivation...

Fish fish baby... Haha.

 Jus after my first cast, I got a kirong-kirong 
Good micro twitch 42mm sinking pencil bait,  I bought from Fitri of Rimba.
See Facebook @ you fishing tackle.

I wasn't peeing, eventho the water smell like one due to Eutrophication I guess. 

Sunday, 31 March 2013


Sahdan, our active KKangler member went fishing near Pelumpong island at the floating hut and caught some good fishes. Ikan Saphiee.
 Queen Fish

 Groupers,  mini GTs,

Great... Congratulations Sahdan...! 

Friday, 11 January 2013

Y2013 KawanKawanAnglers still active.

The Stik, lead the way in Y2013, went solo fishing with DD.
Renew Fish Lisences & caught Putih & Gulama.
Iatah pasal alum puas mengail bulan Disember lapas ni...

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Saturday, 29 December 2012

December Mangrove Jack Mission

 Yeees... its PhotoGrided... download & installed into my SNote. Cool apps.

 We thought Me & Amir caught a MJ, or a GT but it wasnt.. just a catfish, Utik. Later I caught Grouper and a crab. cDan belurih ketambak, small. All catch & released.

From after Asar to Isya, as Muslims we must not left our daily prayers. Seawater as air wudhu. As long as we are clean & the place is clean from najis, it should be Ok.

Some of our nice moments since we started this blog...

Anyway Mangrove Jack Mission was a failure. No one of us caught the fish this month... too bad. 
Nada Unggah, Utik basar pun ada thrill jua reeling in.
Well then we will see you again InsyaAllah.

Thursday, 13 December 2012


After many months of no mission, we head out to Serasa beach to capture the "Snapper" Unggah.

 The Stik with LED headlight , (eWANho at the background).

 Amir brought all his Shimanos weapons...

 Yusuf Ashraf, dont be fooled, he is our experienced member, & had finished his Zombies missions up to round 34...

 Its not our main objective, but this Snapper (Bebarahan) will do... (2nd one that night by the Stik)

 Yusuf caught a smaller one, Ketambak.

 Heavy rain the night before this, had to abort the night mission, so we continue at the old place... 

 No more Bait...

Amir & eWan, each caught the small Snapper.

KKANGLERS mission achieved...!
Until next time.

Oh Yes, our friend got married early this month...
Congratulations IbnuSabil... Alhamdulillah.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Kawan Kawan Anglers back to old place...

Rasidi, Our Chef De Mission as our leader to sangkar Putih at Sunga Bunga. Main sponsor for the trip. Guess what he caught at his hand...

His Son-Syukri, caught mini trevali... 

 DD the Queen of Jigging... caught many fishes this day... winner of the most fish caught. Ikan Gerongong...

Their first fishing trip to Sangkar putih Sungai Bunga...

Amir caught his first fish - Gumbir, caught using Yusuf's fishing rod etc.. Yusuf claim ownership of this category, so he won the best & heaviest fish caught this day. 

The Stik caught belais kalu by bottom fishing...

Afiq, caught a catfish.. utik.

later he caught a crab... so was Yusuf.

Afiq caught a mini Umpak at our old favorite fishing spot.

Amir caught more gerongong... by jigging.

Ikan pusu by jigging too. 

I caught a Mangrove Jack by casting live shrimp near the rock behind me... a wonderful fishing trip experience so far for all of us.

End of the day... brought this back. Almost 2kg only.

Scenery at angling sites: 
Last week Friday, at Kuala Tutong... no fish caught.
Last week Saturday at Tungku Beach. 

Last Monday at Serasa end beach. Also no fish caught.

 Just relaxing at my favorite spot...

See you all Next Time. InsyaAllah.

Saturday, 7 April 2012


SALMI JAN Our guide to fishing Barramundi. He is our most popular barramundi angler friend.
 His record of 12 Barras in one night, 3 caught in 5 minutes..!
another one...
 Thats Anduping on his hand, the last fish he caught that night.
 He brought us here at night at his favorite Barramundi site to catch some...and caught them  in several minutes.
 An hour later...

 Is it mangrove jack or Anduping ?

 At the same boat, our "long time no see"friend (HjBakar said), he too caught few big Ketambak.

have his own Barra later...

 Hook too deep inside...have to use long nose pliers.

whatsapp my pics to HjMus later...

 At the front end of the boat, is Yardi, our old mate from previous work place...

  caught his only fish of the night, ikan Anduping .
The other end of the boat was Hj Rasidi, caught a Ray aka tuka tuka and ikan Ketambak. (Sorry - out of focus picture)

Middle part of the boat was the Stik.
Baca balik2 Suratul Ikhlas & AlFaths....murah rezeki mengail...

wait Im not ready yet... thats my Pokka green tea with jasmine flavour drink.

The Stik with the fresh & kicking alive Barramundi.

here what I brought back home...
Thank You Salmi Jan for guide and brought us there and thought us a very good lesson of Barra fishing. 
Remember to use kirikan and hook only. cast and reel in slowly... let the shrimp sink first.Shrimp size 10 or above.
Thank you to others for your companionship. See you all next time.  
Mudahan murah Rezeki kita semua. Amin.